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The Seasonal Stuff

a text page with pics and text with links to those websites embedded in text. Like: Rhinebeck Antique Show; Dutchess County Fair; Leaf Season; Apple/Pumpkin Picking Farms; etc.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking

The farms around Millbrook are a great place to go in the fall for apple and pumpkin picking. You'll love the fresh farm to table taste!

Dutchess County Fair

Food, fun, and friends await at the Dutchess County

Millbrook Horse Trials

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch some of the most amazing horses in the country perform jumps and run obstacle courses while they compete against other horses for the top prize.

The Field and Supply Market

This fair draws thousands of artists from around the world to the Hudson Valley to display their talent and their wares.

The Rhinebeck Antiques Fair

A prestigious indoor fair with over 100 vendors selling beautiful pieces of history.

Thunder Ridge Ski Area

Fly down the slopes at this local ski area. The slopes are well maintained and there are slopes that suit all skill levels.

Trevor Zoo

Spring is a great time to visit the zoo! You could catch a glimpse of wolves, owls, herons, and the endangered red panda at this local zoo.

Vassar Theater Festival

If you’re a lover of theater, you’ll want to stop by the Vassar Powerhouse Theater which puts on amazing performances throughout the summer.
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The Millbrook Inn, 3 Gifford Road, Millbrook, NY 12545